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  • STRP Festival, 2 - 13 April 2009, Eindhoven VjtubeStaff VjtubeStaff

    Friday, 3rd April 2009 16:10pm

    Following the successful debut in 2006 and a sold out edition in 2007, the third edition of the STRP Festival is taking place 2 - 13 April 2009.

    The STRP Festival is one of the largest art & technology festivals in Europe and the mix of music, art & technology makes it unique. The multidisciplinary programme appeals to a wide audience. The focus during the opening weekend in 2009 is on impact and experience, while the second part will concentrate on delving deeper, amazement and quieting down. In addition to the festival, the STRP Foundation also organised the 5MM (five minute museum) in cooperation with Eindhoven’s MU art space.

    Why STRP?
    Stripe, strip, sssttttrrrrrppp: you can pronounce it any way you like, but you might be wondering just exactly what it means. You are not alone; we still often get asked what STRP stands for. STRP stands for Strijp, the name of the industrial site where the STRP Festival is held. The Strijp-S location is a huge industrial area where Philips came up with practically all of its revolutionary inventions during the previous century. This is where the audio cassette, the CD and the video 2000 system were born. In addition to all of these technological advances, Strijp-S was also the scene of an honest-to-goodness creative revolution. Philips worked closely with a considerable number of artists and gave them the opportunity to fulfil their dreams using the latest technology. Even back then Strijp-S was a creative breeding group where art and technology fused together.

    After Philips left the area, it was time to find a new use for Strijp-S. The solution was to provide and develop a home for the creative urban centre of Eindhoven: ‘The Creative City’. And what better place to host the STRP Festival than the former Philips premises, where decades were spent experimenting with art and technology. We think you will agree.

    Opening Hours

    Friday April 3                19:00-06:00
    Saturday April 4            19:00-06:00
    Sunday April 5              closed
    Monday April 6              closed
    Tuesday April 7             only open for high school students
    Wednesday April 8        19:00-23:00
    Thursday April 9           15:00-23:00
    Friday April 10              13:00-03:00
    Saturday April 11          13:00-04:00
    Sunday April 12            13:00-23:00
    Monday April 13            13:00-19:00
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