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African Techno Dance

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"African Techno Dance" Live Video Set by Artem Pluzharov [ADDICTED / Gvardiya Post]duration of the performance - two and a half hoursFirst Night - ADDICTED 2nd Anniversary: Perc and DVS1 @Cinema Club, 11.05.2012duration of the first performance - five hoursDirector: Artem Pluzharov [ADDICTED / Gvardiya Post]DOP: Denis YakimchukStyle: Anton Kaminsky&TanyaModels: Liza, Eva, Kosar, Hess, Roman K, Skaz, Vera Sue, Igor Glushko, Slezka, Tchiba, GorlumProducer: Olga SlezkaSound FX: Tomash LukachMusic: Perc - My Head Is Slowly Exploding (Ancient Methods Remix) [Perc Trax]


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Address: Киев, город Киев, Украина


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African Techno Dance

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