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Hi, my name is VJstatic

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Birthday 11-18-1976
Gender male
Relationship Status Single
Other details VJ Static,
AKA Gaetan Spurgin
Belgian born Multi Media Producer/artist
curenty living in Philadelphia.

Having spent over 15 years as a Concert Engineer ,VJ Static carries many of his disciplines into the visual domain. With a focus on Environment and Interactivity Static has created numerous Screen Structures And interactive controllers for audiences to immerse themselves in.

-"I like to pretend Im flying a large jet sometimes...with every visual tweak an adjustment in flight"

VJ Static Performs at a varied array of events from Dance Parties to Marketing events and  for community based social awareness campaigns.

One of his favourite creative outlets has been coined
"guerllia VJ-ing" where he and fellow VJs finds unique surfaces to project onto while giving the public eye something stimultaing in the night sky.

Static is currently working on several Cinema structures for the US east coast PEX summer festival and the Annual Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City Nevada.
My occupation is Engineer, Production resource manager, A1 FOH and MON. Live sound reinforcement, VJ, Clothing Designer
My job Dissorient, PEX, Vorpal Visions, Space Pirates, Burning man, Chemical Cove arts Collective
My school LIFE... and a few overpriced institutions
Favorite music This Mortal Coil, Infected Mushroom, Skazi, Depech mode, Dead can dance, Morrissey, Radio head, My life with the thrill kill kult,
Favorite books 1984, Hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world

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