Scanner presents "Borders, Unto the Edges" at Multiplicidade Festival, Brazil - VJtube
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Scanner presents "Borders, Unto the Edges" at Multiplicidade Festival, Brazil

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Robin Rimbaud, also known as Scanner, is a music producer in Southfields, London that uses various unusual devices like cell phones and police while performing.

Working since 1991 and known for doing a job that makes use of sound, space and shapes in ways completely unconventional, Scanner searches for inspiration in what he calls "the sounds of the modern metropolis", work that led to admiration of artists such as Bjork, Aphex Twin and Karlheinz Stockhausen,  and others well-known names internationally.

In recent years, Scanner migrated to other media to create soundtracks for shows like Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, in 2010 in London, and signed tracks for movies and fashion shows. The artist also composed the score for the audio-book "Dante's Inferno," which includes the participation of Laurie Anderson. Also, he did remixes and productions for the English band Radiohead, among others.

With an extensive discography, his live performances have a great visual load, where the artist uses various techniques to monitor projections and experimental electronic music.

Robin brings to Rio's Festival Multiplicidade_Imagem_Som_inusitados in august 18th his performance called "Borders, Unto the edges", where people are invited to join into an immersive sound in real time by the artist in addition to its projection of lines, colors and abstract shapes.

Sitting in the theater, Scanner creates, manipulates and edit sounds produced with complexity, where the audience comes into a dip produced by the exchange of sound layers and probe is carved, creating what the artist calls a "soundscape" , which moves from the abstract to minimalist.

Winner of several awards for art, music and technology, his work can be seen at London Science Museum (with Sound Curtains), at The Darwin Centre, at the Natural History Museum London and Northern Neuro Disability Services Centre in Newcastle UK (with Turning Light).

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Address: R. Dois de Dezembro - Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, 22220-040, Brazil


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Scanner presents "Borders, Unto the Edges" at Multiplicidade Festival, Brazil

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