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APPARATI EFFIMERI Tetragram for Enlargment

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Apparati Effimeri created a primal mapping to register the architectural silhouette of the Rocca Malatestiana; then, using a range of different 3D softwares, they realized the video contents and finally synchronizedthe audio e video.
The arrangements displayed on the Rocca could not “escape” from the building’s own history which was originally built as a defensive outpost .The elements of discontinuity with the uniformity of the building’s surface, its decorations and the windows of the castle itself have all been reemployed as generators of new shapes and particles which permeate the whole façade.For 30
minutes the audience watched a very unusual show, never seen before. The architectural shapes started
to shift and to become alive. The Rocca changed appereance, acquiring first a liquid state and then a
rocky one; the bricks began to crumble and then to reassemble.

Itinerario Festival 25.26.27/06/2009
Rocca Malatestiana Cesena

Tetragram for Enlargment
an Architectural Video Installation

by Apparati Effimeri

Sound Design:


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Address: Rocca Malatestiana, Via Cia degli Ordelaffi, 8, 47521 Cesena Forli, Italy


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APPARATI EFFIMERI Tetragram for Enlargment

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