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Musikame VJ Player - HTML5 Video Mixer

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Musikame VJ Player is the first ever online HTML5 video mixer featuring Vimeo videos + webcam + your own stuff. Features:
• Four independent video channels.
• One webcam channel: video stream, still
pictures or image files from user’s computer.
• One channel to type and manipulate text in real
time. It includes options to modify font family
style, position, size and color.
• Independent speed, loop controls per each channel.
• Opacity and 3 blending modes in all channels.
• Dynamic layer control (channels order) through
easy drag and drop mouse actions.
• Search and play for Vimeo videos.
• Local access to user’s video content.
• Two preview consoles and a dynamic playlist to
manage video loading and mix.
• One output console to send the mix to an
external screen or video beamer.
• Compatible with Google Chrome only. After its nomination for INVI Awards 2011, Musikame presented last February at REC Madrid 2012 festival where they performed a live VJ set full-filled of broken beats and video breaks by just using their laptops' browsers. Check it out and start vjing @ REC MADRID website: Creators's Project Interview: Musikame 2012


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Musikame VJ Player - HTML5 Video Mixer

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