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Detonator: AR Playgrounds

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An interactive game installation is proposed across a number of sites in London, by introducing a social game intervention known as “Detonator”. The game design is configured based on key data relating to the use of landmines during war in many regions of the world, as well as the continued refusal of countries that have not joined an international convention to ban the use of landmines. This data is mapped on a spatial route around a shame pole marking structure which provides participants with information and interaction with gaming elements through an augmented reality application. A Mine Kafon is utilised in this interactive playground to serve as a mine detonator which is guided by the participants throughout the AR landscape in the quest for full eradication. The main goal of this project is to create gaming hot spots which utilize augmented reality to transform the city into a series of interactive playgrounds. This ideally responds to the cultural/social and political conditions of the site to create an installation which will be a contextually relevant to the area and make visible the underlining political concerns of the site.The application was developed for the iPhone using vuforia augmented reality sdk and unity3d.For more information about this project please visit:


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Address: Londra, Regno Unito


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Detonator: AR Playgrounds

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