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AreaOdeon audiovisual 3D Mapping

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++ Audiovisual 3D Mapping @ Villa Grumelli - Stezzano [BG], Italy - October 7th 2012→ CREDITS
. production: AreaOdeon
. 3D artists: Marcello Arosio, Tommaso Arosio, Giuseppe Pepe
. editing & compositing: Vincenzo Fabiano
. music & sound design: Enrico Ascoli
. art direction: Marcello Arosio→ LINKS
. Cooperativa Alchimia
. Comune di Stezzano→ TECH SPECH
. film resolution: 1920*1080px 25fps
. projectors: 20K @ 1920*1080px


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Address: Stezzano BG, Italia


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AreaOdeon audiovisual 3D Mapping

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