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p a t c h : audio_visual_lab

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p a t c h : audio_visual_lab 9/11/2012
vernissage @ Contemporary Art Gallery 'Bunkier Sztuki’p a t c h: audio_visual_lab is a fresh event on the map of Krakow presenting new trends and opportunities in digital, audiovisual art made with a new methods of work and communication. New technologies, open-source platforms, machinery and tools, which are developed and processed by the users, where ‘digitalism’ often co-inherence with ‘analogism’.p a t c h is dedicated to present installations and other audiovisual works based on fields such as mapping, generative art, interactive art, DIY, net-art, video art, sound art, experimental film forms, projektionism, VJing.p a t c h artists: 
Peter Kirn [USA/DE]
Kiritan Flux [DE]
Swen Seyerlen [DE]
Ali Künnemeyer [DE]
Carlotta Piccinini [IT]
Omnidrive’s [IT]
IM2 [PL]
Tim Vis [DE]
Born Digital [NL]
Daan Kars [NL] 
Aude Rose [F]
Kuba Garścia [PL]
Jarek Tokarski [PL]
Mateusz Pęk [PL]
Klaudia Wrzask [PL]
Elektro Moon Vision [PL]
Magda Pińczyńska [PL]
VJ Emiko [PL]
Minoo [PL]More info > patchlab.plmusic: Butterfly Effect - LAMB (IM2rmx)


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Address: Cracovia, Polonia


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p a t c h : audio_visual_lab

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