Demo 2010 LeCollagiste "Zecklagiste" [AIE PROD] - VJtube
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Demo 2010 LeCollagiste "Zecklagiste" [AIE PROD]

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Zecklaown and LeCollagiste VJ
Demo reel 2010 Audiovisual live set
Installation TripleHead2Go by Bombaklak, visual 1280X480 pour 8:3
whith Ableton Live, Modul8, Codanova VMX VJ

live audio : Zecklaown
live video : LeCollagiste

Zecklagiste from the audiovisual label "AIE PROD"

Contact booking : booking(at)


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Address: Toulouse, France


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Demo 2010 LeCollagiste "Zecklagiste" [AIE PROD]

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