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Anna Olmo - Deriva 1

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Anna Olmo: concept and director


An ipnotic carillon of lights and words: the body becames the proiection of the Show (in the meaning of Guy Debord), covered by the images of our daylife.

Un carillon ipnotico di luci e parole: quando il corpo diventa proiezione dello spettacolo, in-vestito dalle immagini che "accordano" il quotidiano.


I was born and live in Italy. From 1994 I use many kind of media to write: video, photos, codes like html, dhtml, php, javascript, flash and so on, and the pen. I worked in the advertising from almost 10 years, 6 of them in collaboration with the painter Paola Rattazzi. In the 1997 I start Jamcafe, one of the first open art project on the Internet. It wons 2 Golden Web Awards and many articles in Europe and Usa. Inside Jamcafe Insonnia (with Cristiana Formetta) was a collections of italian novels written by many important writers. Actualy Jamcafe is in its last form, written in the 2006 with Paola. I wrote a text for the web project A Virtual Memorial, and I found myself in the same page index of the nobel Wislawa Szymborska and The Washington Post (wow!). In the 2005 I was selected for The Poetry Island, an art project for the 51 Art Biennal of Venice. In the 2006 one of our commercial web site won the Best Site Italian Award for its category. In the same year Jamcafe was selected in the 5 finalist of the “DonnaèWeb” in Viareggio. One of my works, Fiction, a digital photopoem, was in Rome for the exposition “In Arte: Tosca” at Teatro Flaiano in the 2008.

Artist Statement

* Mondovi’,
Piccola Galleria Materica
Via Cottolengo 15, Mondovì


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Address: Mondovì CN, Italia


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Anna Olmo - Deriva 1

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